Basics of Musical Structure at the Keyboard
Topic:  Keyboard Harmony
  1. 82 p., 6”x9”, coil-bound, $20 (plus shipping)
  2. Instruction and exercises
  3. Including basic scales, chords, and modes
  4. Transposition
  5. Score reading
  6. Figured bass
  7. Chord symbols in contemporary (jazz, lead-sheet) notation.  
  8. Harmonization of melodies
  9. Harmonic content up to and including applied dominants, diminished 7ths, N6, and Aug6 chords.
  1. This text was designed for use in the first two years of university-level instruction for music majors, regardless of their principal instrument.  Basic keyboard proficiency (hand position, fingering, coordination, etc.) is not addressed in this book and should be acquired separately.  
  1. Description and explanation, alternating with exercises and practise suggestions.  For closer integration with sight-singing skill development, tonic solfa (moveable do) is used throughout the book.
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